Thursday, March 30, 2023

Find Your ‘Freedom-Place’! Discover the Money Box!

 Are you bogged-down with worry about money? 

According to Bankrate dot com, 65% of Americans experience money-related stress!

But there is a Solution! Life doesn’t have to be this way:
  • Stress all day
  • Restless nights
  • Family conflicts 
  • Difficult decisions about what to buy… or what Not to buy
  • No entertainment budget
  • Cheap food, or not enough food
  • Worry about unpaid and looming bills…
And on and on…

Let me introduce you to my friend, the money nerd who started Get Rich Slowly in 2006 as a means to document his own journey from debt to financial freedom.
Get Rich Slowly is a site for anyone who craves greater financial freedom.

Life doesn’t have to be this way!